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Special Persona’s Speciality Programs
Online - Live sessions

Complete Personality Enhancement Program

Time Investment- 1 hour x 3 months

Sessions- Thrice a Week (24-27 sessions)
Cost- INR 24999/- inclusive of GST

Communication Skills Program

Time Investment – 1 hour x 3 months

Sessions – Thrice a week

Cost - INR 19,999/- inclusive of GST

Interview Skills

Time Investment – 1 hour x 1 month

Sessions – Thrice a week

Cost - INR 8,999/- inclusive of GST

Technology has made life Faster and Simpler. Now almost everything is within our reach.

Learning and Teaching have reached a level where geographical constraints are no more a barrier.

In fact, learning has become so much fun that some of us want to keep studying!!

Learning has no age, and now no more boundaries too!


Today, A Pilot can get trained to fly an aircraft in a Simulator, Driving lessons can be taken in simulation, Cooking, Dancing, Singing and many other art forms can be learnt from home…

…so, go ahead, DON’T let distance and other obligations stop you from learning and enhancing your personal and professional skills.

Highlight of our Programs:

  • Unlike many Online programs where AI is the dominating factor, we still maintain Human Touch.

  • Role of Trainer has to be performed by a Real-time Trainer otherwise the lesson looses personal touch….and Yes, we address this issue very well.

  • Our Lessons are LIVE, with the Trainer…and the beauty is that all our sessions are INTERACTIVE.

  • We leave no stone unturned and address your queries in the best possible manner.

  • We also prefer having a meeting with our Students, at the Beginning, Middle and at the End of the program.

What‘s in it for you?

Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is the human capacity to use our brains to effectively navigate through complex emotional situations and negotiate different social relationships. It is an ability that helps us adjust according to different working environments. An essential trait for any job profile.

Personal Grooming
and Corporate Dressing

  • Business dressing etiquette

  • Importance of Corporate dressing

  • Corporate Dressing for Men and Women

  • Corporate Dressing and Personal grooming

  • Personal Grooming tips- Men and Women: Hygiene, Fitness and Health care.

  • Speech: How to make your speech loud and clear.

  • Style: Clarity comes with style which needs training in many cases.

  • Volume: We want to be heard, but our speech volume needs to be monitored.

  • Tone: It can make or break things for one! Tone training can be rewarding.

  • Voice Modulation: To make communication impressive and meaningful.

  • Confidence to speak in front of others.

  • Language familiarity - Activities that can make one familiar to a language most commonly used in the corporate world (English)

  • Articulation: The formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech (Vowels and Consonants)

  • Managing Lisping: A speech issue that can ruin conversational skills of a person.

  • MTI- Mother Tongue influence can be a barrier to success. However, neutral accent is achievable.

  • and…General behavior while communicating, Professionalism in conversation, hospitality that makes communication positive and learnings on Global language acceptance.

Communication Skills and Soft Skills:

Body Language, Deportment and Non – Verbal Communication:

  • Body language is a major communication tool and with or without realizing it, we give off signals to others all the time about our state of mind.

  • Deportment is about the way we carry ourselves and implications that it has.

  • Non-Verbal communication is the Non-linguistic transmission of information through visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic channels.

Our Module will take you through activities and exercises that will  help you improve these 3 essential traits.

With special Focus on –

Facial Expressions, Hand gestures, Posture, Walking style, Eye contact , Listening skills, Touch, Smile etc.

Interview Techniques:
(Separate program also available)

  • How to Plan for the D- Day? - The interview day is one of the most important day of our life. We must prepare, do our homework and make sure that no stone is left unturned. We help you list down what is required and together we start the work to construct your ladder to success.

  • What to say and What not to say? – Answering techniques talk of your overall personality. So at the time of interview you will have to show Style, finesse and intelligence. We prepare together to help you outshine your competitors.

  • Professional attire – We help you dress for success. What to were, what will look nice on you, dress code and protocol, all had to be kept in mind!

  • How to present yourself – Our Personality enhancement program will surely help you dress to turn heads’!

  • Expectations of the interviewer – This is another part of our ground work before we take the flight to the interview venue. For this, regular mock interviews will be conducted and all the possible non-technical rounds will be practiced.

  • Interview ethics – Code of conduct and professional behaviour is you must learn from us so that you can save yourself from embarrassment.

  • How to accept Failures and what to do if unsuccessful – Our counseling sessions are a great source of motivation that make your struggle meaningful. We make you learn that challenges are easy to withstand if you are with yourself.

To know more, Feel free to get in touch with us.

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