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Special Training & Workshop
for Teachers

A chalk that talks

(Special persona workshop for Trainers and Teachers on skills and attributes that can help enhance their Aura and Charisma in the class, can strengthen their teaching skills and help in getting desired results)


The role of a Teacher or a Trainer is the most impactful in the life of a student.

Let us get together and find ways that can us help find and learn -

How a Teacher/Trainer can -

  • Provide impactful training,

  • Be a source of inspiration, a true guide and mentor,

  • Help the students in getting the desired results,

  • Help in overall development of the students,

  • Leave a lasting impression,

  • Have a healthy class environment, where students like coming, learning and paying attention.

  • And most importantly, many interesting activities and techniques to give an impactful and memorable experience to the Teachers and Trainers.

Special persona workshop called - A Chalk that Talks’

leaves a remarkable ink on the minds of the Teachers and Trainers, gives a new direction to their noble profession and makes theirs’ and their pupils’ life simpler.

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