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Can scars stop you from being a Cabin crew?

Question: I have a scar on my left elbow? Will it affect me in anyway of becoming a flight attendant?

Ans: Hi! You must have heard of the word Priorities. There are certain pre requisites which one must meet to get shortlisted by the Airline… And the pre requisites have weightage...Which means that one requirement can over shadow the other. The requirements are many and for obvious reasons …they want someone who can save lives on board by doing the right things in the right way… In an emergency your ACTIONS will help evacuate... and your SCARS won't be a hindrance at that time…. that's for sure!!! If you display maturity, excellent conversation skills and emotional intelligence, your scars will get suppressed! Hide them with other strong traits…they should be forced to accept you with open arms!!! Not your imperfections… but it is your Personality Traits that make you special and desirable at the time of interview. Best wishes!

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