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Mission Cabin Crew- Just in 2!(Days)


So, you want to know :

How to apply for Aviation jobs What all is required for Cabin Crew interview, Criteria, How to impress the interviewer, What all rounds do I need to be ready for, What can spoil the interview....well....we will answer all these we will prepare you step by step for every interview round...!! yes...everything in 2 days...


A normal aviation academy course would cost between 75000/- to 2 lacs...

Save money for the down payment of a Car, or/and to buy a bike, and /or for an I phone...

All it takes is - just 2 days with a mentor who can help you clear the interview. 

Just spend INR 4800/- well...more than this is what you spend on a family dinner !!


Register yourself and be a part of this Excellent program - Never before happened in India!! 

Duration - 2 Days (Total 6hrs : 3hrs + 3hrs)

Day 1

  • Hardcore Interview Prep.

  • How to give Self-Intro.

  • G.D. Rules.

  • Role Play Expectations.

  • H.R. Round (Type of Questions & How to Answer).

  • Written Test Practice.

Day 2

  • Mock Interview of all rounds.

  • Grooming Standards

  • Makeup Techniques

Best Suitable for Candidates who are seeking quick preparation

& a crash course for an upcoming interview.

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