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Airline Ground Staff Training Program

 (In Academy/Online-Live sessions)

Our Program focuses on Preparing Candidates for the upcoming interviews. The best part is that the opportunities are many!

As per the latest survey and estimates (Dec 2019) of ICAO- (International Civil Aviation Organization),

The Aviation industry is going to grow manifolds and bring along endless employment opportunities…

India has the fastest-growing Aviation industry!

but the demand is totally based on competency! 

So, Boys and Girls, Prepare to Perform!

Our programs are Pragmatic in nature and based on your unique intellectual capacity.

Competency-based Training and Performance-oriented -

Because we want to be behind your success story!

Highlights of our programs:

  • Conducted by Industry experts with more than 2 decades of experience.

  • 100% Job assistance

  • Certified Program

  • Hardcore interview preparation of all Rounds

  • Our Program Prepares candidates for interviews of other domains too!

Curriculum Includes:


Self-Introduction: What to include in your answer, how to make it impressive and most importantly - what NOT to include. The answer shall be prepared by the trainer with essential points that can add weightage to the intro.


Impromptus: The candidates have to be ready for random topics given at the time of interview. They have to speak on those topics without any preparation time. The Trainer shall help the candidate prepare for it through practice sessions on daily basis. Candidate shall be provided tips and tricks on the content that fits best for such rounds.


Grooming: From Hygiene rules to skincare and makeup- The trainer shall help the candidate get the Perfect look that leaves a remarkable impression at the time of interview.


Attire and Dress Code: What to wear!? Well, Dress for Success! Attire that matched your overall personality, your body structure, is decent comfortable yet Professional and according to the code of conduct.


Communication skills: with special Focus on the enhancement of English-speaking skills. The candidate will be able to enjoy personalized attention and regular practice of Spoken English. Grammar, MTI, Tone, Volume, Fluency, Pace and Voice Modulation - all aspects shall be covered.


Social Skills and Professional Etiquette: Social grooming is of utmost importance to enter the world of professionalism. The professional world has a code of conduct, sets norms and principles which every individual has to adhere to if he/she wants to be a part of it. Knowing them and being ready to face them is what we prepare candidates for.


Development of Social intelligence: Customer-oriented job is always very demanding, brings along a lot of expectations. However, once you know the psyche of the customers and learn Human interaction tricks, you will not face any socializing issues. We make that easy and interesting for you. You will love to interact and take up customer service challenges once trained because it is always a delightful experience to make someone smile and you will learn that art with us.


Aptitude, General Awareness and Verbal ability tests:  Certain Airlines also conduct written tests. The Trainer shall give sample tests and discuss the type of tests that could be conducted by the airlines. (You can even buy a separate Test kit at a very nominal cost which contains various tests that have been conducted by the airlines in various Cabin Crew interviews).


Resume/CV building: The Cabin Crew resume is simple, yet has to be prepared with interesting information about the candidate. It can make a lasting impression! The Trainer can guide you on all the necessary ingredients for a good resume…However, in this Training program; we also offer Resume building facility. If you wish to get the resume prepared, with this training it shall be done at a cost of INR 499 only. Free of cost.


Role-plays and Activities:  When candidates are given role plays and scenarios, they must know what the interview panel is expecting from them. The trainer shall put the candidate into various scenarios and discuss the relevant answering/performing techniques.


Group discussions: The candidates must know how to handle a Group discussion. The trainer will teach techniques with tricks and tips required for the same.


Personal interview: HR Round/Management can be very jittery for candidates. The Candidates can be asked random questions by the panel; therefore, they should be prepared to answer them tactfully. There would be regular questions and answers to practice with the trainer.

Duration -

Cost -

1 Week

1 Month

2 Months

5 days

5 days per week

5 days per week

₹ 8999/-

₹ 25000/-

₹ 38000/-

₹ 4999/-

₹ 15000/-

₹ 28000/-

To know more, meet us at Special Persona Learning gallery - New Delhi.

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