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English Fluency Program

Conducted By TESOL/TEFL Certified English Trainer Personalized sessions
(In max. batch strength of 4-5 students)
  • This program is suitable for candidates with average English-speaking skills.

  • We focus on making them competent in Speaking, writing, listening,  reading  and comprehending English comfortably. 

  • Our Special, well researched activities make the learners  enjoy using the language confidently.

  • Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening activities are practiced with the students on a regular basis. Regular feedback helps them see the improvement happening consistently. 

  • Students get to participate in English Grammar activities to make their  language base strong, along with certain practical exercises that can help candidates prepare  even for international English proficiency tests that they might attempt in future. 

  • The session length - 1.5 hours - 3 Months (Alternate days)

  • Cost: INR 18999/- only ( incl. GST)

Regular Classes

Duration: 1 Month (5 Days a week)

Cost: ₹ 11,999

Curriculum in Brief:

  • Speak on random Topics - (Impromptus and Prepared) Easy to intermediate level

  • Practice of Tenses – Writing and Speaking tasks

  • Conjunctions, Prepositions, Articles and Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs (Practice exercises with practical sessions to develop better understanding)

  • Listening activities - To evaluate how well the student can comprehend what is told in the sessions.

Fear of English has to change to pleasure in English conversation!

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