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The Irresistible Metal Birds!


  • At Special Persona Learning gallery, Cabin Crew/Air hostess Training is conducted with the purpose of making the candidates successful at the time of the interview.

  • Totally Job oriented Training!

  • Our Academy is different from other academies especially in terms of its Concepts, Teaching Methods, and Ideology.

  • It is a no show-off business, where we focus on ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

  • Our cabin crew training programs are conducted by Ms. Astha Gill who is an aviation veteran with almost 2 decades of experience. , the batch strength is very limited and the training is tailor-made according to the candidate's requirements.

  • The Candidates are shortlisted for the program by Ms. Gill after a personal session. 

Given below is a list of training programs that we have in our learning gallery:

This is an awesome program for candidates looking for guidance to appear for the Cabin Crew interview. It includes guidance on the Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude required for this profession. From Documentation to interview skills...

all the requirements are discussed.


Most Suitable for Candidates who are seeking quick preparation

& a crash course for an upcoming interview.

2 Days Training Program

Duration: 2 Days (Total 6hrs: 2 Days x  1.5 hrs)

Fees: INR 4800/-


Day 1

  • Hardcore Interview Prep.

  • How to give Self-Intro.

  • G.D. Rules.

  • Role Play Expectations.

  • H.R. Round (Type of Questions & How to Answer).

  • Written Test Practice.

Day 2

  • Mock Interview of all rounds.

  • Grooming Standards

  • Makeup Techniques

In this program, the candidates spend Monday to Friday with the Aviation Veteran and learn the Tricks of the Trade. A taste of all essentials is given in this program. So, the candidate gets to learn certain important skills, including what kind of communication skills are required, correct Body language, and interview skills.

1-Week Training Program

Duration: 1.5 Hrs x 5 Days

Fees: INR 8999/-


Day 1

  • Intro to Course

  • Session on KSA

  • Pre-requisites & Preparation

  • Interview Preparation​

Day 2

  • Grooming

  • Attire

  • Overall Appearance

  • Deportment Round

  • Body Language​

Day 3

  • Prepare Self-intro (Impressive, Meaningful, Realistic & Personality Based)

  • Practice Self-intro

  • Written Test -

    • How to Prepare, What to expect prepare attempt sample papers

  • Video Interview

  • IVR  Round

Day 4

  • Role Plays & Impromptus

    • How to Perform, What to do What not to do

  • Role Play practice session

Day 5

  • G.D. Sessions 

    • Rules & Protocol

    • Expected topics

    • Content Building for GD

  • Mock Interviews of all rounds.

This is a program that defines Skills and knowledge required at the time of the interview in a vigorous training module. The sessions are 5 days a week, includes hardcore Interview skills, Mock interviews, Written Test, Verbal ability tests, General awareness, and practice tests. 

Most suitable for Candidates with good command in English.

Duration: 22 Sessions x 1.5 hrs

Fees: INR 28000/-

1-Month Training Program


Week 1

  • Grooming, Makeup techniques & Dressing Sense.

  • Documentation.

  • Self-intro & Confidence Building Sessions.

  • Deportment.

  • Body Language.

Week 2

  • Role Plays

  • Activities

  • Group Discussions.

Week 3

  • H.R. Round Prep.

    • Question & Answers

    • Answering Techniques

  • Practice Sessions.

Week 4

  • Team Activites

  • Impromptus (Every Day, Preparation & Practice)

  • Mock Interviews of all rounds.

This program is a Complete Training program and covers every aspect of Cabin Crew Training. The program has been designed after research and has been tried and tested with successful results. The program includes -

Documentation, General awareness, Aptitude tests, Verbal ability, Grooming sessions, Fitness program (With regular exercise sessions), Communication skills, English speaking skills, Interview skills, Diet Planning, Example-Based learning, Role plays and many activities that make the candidates competent and ready to face any interview. This program is for candidates who are keen on experiencing a complete training program from Ms.Gill and in limited time, at affordable rates.

2-Months Training Program

Most suitable for Cabin Crew Interview Preparation

Candidates who need to join this industry in the earliest possible time with proper preparation


Duration: 44 Sessions x 1.5 hrs

Fees: INR 46500/-

  • Introduction to Aviation

    • Cabin Crew/Ground staff Profile

    • Aviation world

    • Aviation Terminology

    • Theory of Flight

  • Grooming

    • Dressing style and Corporate Grooming

    • Makeup techniques

    • Health and Hygiene

    • Skincare

  • Customer service and Hospitality

    • Guest Delight

    • Soft Skills

    • Social Intelligence

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • People Handling Techniques

    • Etiquette and Mannerism

  • Communication skills

    • Conversational skills

    • Verbal and Non- verbal communication

    • People Handling Techniques

    • Initiating and Ending a Conversation

  • Public Speaking

    • To enhance the understanding of performing in stress

    • Listening skills

    • Confidence Building

    • Impromptus

  • Interview Skills

    • How to Prepare Resume.

    • Interview Practice for all rounds

    • Practice sessions: Group discussions, Role Plays and Group Exercises

    • Mock Interviews

  • 1.5 hours of LIVE interactive session (4 times a week) (In- House)

  • 1.5 hours of LIVE interactive session (4 times a week) (Online)

  • Hard core interview preparation with Special Emphasis on Communication skills.

  • Certified program

4 Months Training Program


  • Self-introduction

  • Personal interview

  • Group discussions

  • Role plays and Activities

  • Grooming Guidelines

  • Extempore/Impromptu

  • Written test

  • Resume/CV building

  • Communication Skills

Cost of the program: 


INR 85,500/- only (including GST)


INR 90,000/- (including GST)

Candidates get fascinated with the High profile job of a Cabin Crew/Flight attendant/Air hostess/Airline Ground staff but unfortunately, don't know how to fulfill their dreams.

They are unable to find the right track and either end up spending exorbitant amounts on useless Training or get trapped by Fraudulent agencies who take undue advantage of their naivety in this field.

Special persona is constantly putting in the efforts to enlighten candidates by offering Training programs that focus on conducting need-based pieces of training.


The programs are designed that best suit the candidates, their requirements and areas that need maximum focus.

Our programs and Workshops for Cabin Crew Aspirants focus on- 


  1. The High profile and Irresistible Aviation world:  It is essential for you to know the kind of jobs you can look out for in the field of Aviation- based on your qualifications and aspirations.

  2. Knowing What to KNOW!: You must be aware of the prerequisites of this field. The job of a Cabin Crew has certain prerequisites that must be attained and some physical attributes that must be a part of your personality, most of them are workable but unfortunately, some are not doable at all! The candidates must know both.

One must know if he/she meets the criteria or not and not keep investing in a field that has requirements that the candidate cannot meet.


With Special Persona, you don’t have to worry, we give you free guidance, and a chance to be a part of a free workshop where proper career guidance is given before registering you for a course. For a free workshop pass, get in touch with us!

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