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The Irresistible Metal Birds!

Aviation Career Guidance Workshops

Most of the candidates, who have always wanted to be a part of the Aviation Industry, are unfortunately directionless and misplaced.

Candidates get fantasized with the High profile job of

Cabin Crew/Flight attendants/Air hostess/Airline Ground staff

but unfortunately don't know how to fulfill their dreams.

They are unable to find the right track and either end up spending exorbitant amount on useless Training or get trapped by Fraudulent agencies who take undue advantage of their naivety in this field.

Special persona is constantly putting in the effort to enlighten candidates by offering Training programs that focus on conducting need based trainings.

The programs are designed that best suit the candidates, their requirements and areas that need maximum focus.

An Extensive Training Program and Irreplaceable Workshop at

Astha’s Learning Gallery:

1.     The High profile and irresistible Aviation world: The kind of jobs one can

look out for in the field of Aviation-based on your qualification and aspirations.

2.     To know what to know! - What are the prerequisites for the job of a cabin crew? -

The job of a Cabin Crew has certain prerequisites that must be attained and some physical attributes that must be a part of your personality, most of them are workable but unfortunately some are not doable at all! The candidates must know both.

One must know if he meets the criteria or not and not keep investing in a field that has requirements that the candidate cannot meet.

With Special Persona, you don’t have to worry, we give you free sessions, and a chance to be a part of a free workshop where proper career guidance is given before registering you for a course. For a free workshop pass, get in touch with us!

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