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Astha Gill

Astha Gill

Aviation Veteran, Educationist and Trainer

22 yrs of dedication and hard work - Aviation Veteran, Educationist and Trainer

Post Graduate - Masters in Education and Personnel Management

  • Empanelled as a Subject matter expert with Aircraft Accident and Investigation Bureau.

  • Former Cabin Safety Inspector with DGCA Directorate General of Civil Aviation - In flight investigations, Inspections, Rule formulation, Approvals, Audits etc.

  • Accomplished Trainer - Hospitality, Services, Crew resource management, Behavioural skills, Leadership programs, Train the Trainer and many other Technical and non technical trainings for Aspiring Cabin Crew, Online Cabin crew, Flight Attendants, In- Flight supervisors, In- Flight Managers, Pilots and employees of other Aviation departments.

  • Performance Manager for Cabin Crew

  • Presently trainer for School, College, Corporate & NGO Workshops.

  • Train The Trainer certified from 3 international platforms

  • TESOL/TEFL Certified.


Special persona is a very well nurtured and cherished program of Astha Gill. Her professional journey and qualifications encouraged her to learn more and do deeper study on various aspects of Training and teaching. The Special persona gallery is pregnant with Facts that reflect

  • Teacher-learner relationship -

  • What triggers the intellect of the learners

  • What brings in the efficacy in Teaching,

  • How can learning be fun,

  • How to bring out your hidden Special Persona and

  • How to enhance your potential to become a Walloping and Prodigious Personality.

Astha Gill has fraternized her learning, experience and research with her specialized workshops and takes it as a duty to offer nothing but the best to the young and aspiring professionals.

Astha Gill has created a Learning gallery for various categories of Students, Teachers, trainers, Job aspirants as well as Parents.

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