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Personality Development
Astha Gill

Astha Gill

Aviation Veteran, Educationist and Trainer

Develop your personality with the aviation veteran, educationist and trainer - Ms. Astha Gill

What We Offer

Aviation Career Guidance Workshops

The Irresistible Metal Birds!

Flying Paper Airplane

Special Training and Workshops for Teachers and Professional Trainers

A chalk that talks

Orientation Program for Parents

The PaTeenMa Theory

Family Fun


The Personality Development Program


Theatre Workshop for one n all

Family Fun


What's Being Said

"My journey with Special Persona has been wonderful! It has helped me learn Life skills, develop a charismatic personality, has given me the confidence to face any professional challenge and get the right attitude to handle professional barriers. I am very thankful to Special persona for giving me the opportunity to learn these skills from Ms Astha gill who gives nothing but the best to every learner."

Radhika Krishnan

"Rangmanch – the theatre workshop of Special Persona – by Astha Gill, is really cool…ooops! I was a dull boy…totally! Only a miracle could change me from a dull boy to an extrovert. And one fine day this miracle happened!

Thanks to Rangmanch – I loved  it so so much . I was reluctant and not too sure initially ,but from the time I entered the workshop till the end…I experienced a change in me. Thank you Ms Astha. You have made me fall in love with myself!"

Arjun Singh

“When I needed advice, Special Persona by Astha Gill was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, I managed to get back on track in no time.”

Tamanna Mathur

"I wanted to be cabin crew, always, and even my best friend …we visited a few Air hostess academies , luckily we got to know about - Special Persona- by Astha gill. With almost 2 decades of aviation experience, she could give us  the correct knowledge. My friend and me got a complete knowledge on the job profile. We now know what can help us get the job and also about certain compulsory things which are required. My friend would have kept struggling and not got the job without knowing that she has to meet those attributes.

We want to thank Ms. Gill for being such a good source of guidance and always being so motivating to help us get our dream job."

Kanika and Alfaaz

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